How To Change Default Font In Word
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The default font for Word is defined in the Normal style of the global template ( Word uses the template unless another one has been specified.

WORD 2010

To change the style of the default font in Word 2010, follow these steps:

  1. Start Word and create a new document that is based on the Normal template using the following commands:
    • Click File.
    • Click New.
    • Click Blank Document.
    • Click Create.
  2. In the Font group, click the Expand button (lower right-hand side).
  3. Adjust the font and save using the following commands:
    • Select the options required to be the default font, such as font style and font size.
    • Click Set As Default.
    • Select the All documents based on the Normal.dotm template? option.
    • Click OK.
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